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Opinion: the Drug Pfizer Viagra - viagra is not going to work...

This time my dear friends, I want to share experience in the use of Viagra together with my husband. There were times when in bed everything was not as we would like. I even started to watch a man on the side... But seeing ads on TV, I proposed a solution to the husband, to go to the pharmacy and ask the price. Given that we bought the Viagra in the past year, the price for 1 tablet of 50 mg was 150 hryvnia.

Part part of of Viagra sildenafil 50 mg. It restores the normal response to sexual stimulation, increases blood flow in the penis, has a peripheral impact on penile erection.

The drug Viagra is prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

Now, the effect of the drug. Husband drank one tablet, one hour before the planned sex. Half an hour after taking the pill, felt as if drunk, the head was easily blurred. Later, after striking the firing, he immediately went to incredible erection, and after 2 hours after sex, the erection again. What feeling are not the same as in normal sex without pills. It is impossible to explain, but to work second shift I go, I just couldn't... Asked my partner to a substitute, we have this not very strictly. Although it was funny then to explain that my husband and I catch up during the day...

To say that the Viagra causes side effects I can't have a husband then nothing happened. Although the instructions, there are warnings about many side effects. This is the insomnia, stomach pain, hot flashes in the head and so on. And cores in General, drink is not, deadly.

There is Viagra in a dosage of 100 mg in 1 tablet, but there's just a high price, and why, when 50 mg of Viagra provide at least hour of fun. Manufacturer Of France. Recommended to fans of vivid, do not forget the sensations. I will add, from tablets miracle does not occur, the man must also to initiate)))

Opinion: the Drug is Pfizer Viagra Take six months. happy)

Hello! I would like to share my experience, because reading and can no longer remain silent... a lot of negative reviews( I'm 28 years old, but the problem is already there ( All because of my wild youth... married 4 years, 2 years of them each time before doing this lay in bed and thought-out or not?! The relationship came to a standstill and I told my wife to give me one last chance... And ran to the drugstore... buy viagra 50 ml. I wanted to eat -didn't eat, because the manual says that the best effect is achieved on an empty stomach and went to bed... After 20 minutes I felt the blood rush to his head and him)were very worried that will not work, the thrill of excitement was not, but he was standing)And then in the next. time) when I realized that it really helps began to relax and everything was great!!!) very grateful to Pfizer for such a wonderful drug! SUGGEST!!! Max, 28.

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