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In order to prescribe the right treatment, the physician should first understand the cause of impotence. This is due to the fact that if impotence is caused by psychological factors, then, most likely, treatment will consist only in the course of visits to a therapist or sexologist. If the impotence is associated with physical health of the patient, then the treatment options are many. So to start the doctor will ask You in detail about sexuality and about many things, like not having sex is irrelevant. If the conversation does not clarify the situation, You will be assigned a number of tests. For starters, blood sugar, hemoglobin and cholesterol.

In some cases problems with blood pressure can lead to the development of impotence, so You certainly will measure this indicator. To eliminate the violation of the blood flow in the lower body, will check the pulse on the feet. Sometimes excessive or too active production of certain hormones can affect erectile function will analyze the blood for hormones. Next, You will be examined by a specialist to detect inflammatory processes in the urogenital area (if any).

Most often, such a survey has the opportunity to make the diagnosis, however, in some cases, an ultrasound examination of the penis and to take a tissue sample for special analyses. After having discovered the cause of impotence, You will appoint treatment. Medicine today is so developed that are able to help ninety-five percent of men with impotence caused by virtually any reasons. With the help of psychosexual more or less clear. Let's dwell upon the treatment of the second group of patients. The patient can prescribe medication. Are drugs which will improve blood flow to the penis. These drugs injected into the penis using injection or use orally. Can also be recommended to a large number of different tools.


It can be both soothing and vitamin supplements, and hormonal agents, or Vice versa, such that suppress the production of hormones. Among the drugs administered directly into the penis, there is a group of tools that contribute to achieving an erection. Such drugs are used once every seven days, but their disadvantage is that over time there is a change penile tissues. In addition, the injection is not too pleasant. It is possible to use a single drug that promotes erection. It could be the pills and intrauretralno the introduction of drugs. This You can do yourself with the help of special mechanism. The procedure is done in twenty minutes before intercourse.

You can treat with the help of physical therapy. Such methods are very effective when blood circulation in the cavernous body of penis. During such procedures the penis is placed in a setting that creates around him rarefied air that promotes a rush of blood. Besides physiotherapy techniques and include effects on the penis currents special or specially-calculated frequency magnetic fields. Not more than fifteen procedures required in order to make You feel a significant improvement in health. Great opportunities and modern surgery. In the case where the impotence is the consequence of a breach of vascular patency, surgery is performed to normalize blood flow. In the same case, if all methods of treatment tried, but helps nothing, performed penile prosthesis.

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