What is a Viagra?
This brand produces very many drugs that increase the potency. More precisely, Viagra (online) are the active ingredient, and the drugs may be labeled differently, depending on the manufacturer, the amount of active substance, the characteristics of. The most famous Viagra citrate American firm Pfizer known as viagra.

Originally this substance was intended for use in the treatment of heart disease, in particular, to improve blood flow in the coronary vessels. But then it turned out that the impact of the drug on these vessels is not very effective, but found the miraculous side effect of the drug he is able to greatly influence the circulation in the pelvic organs and sexual apparatus is no exception.

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As you know mechanism erection is as well - blood flow to the penis increases, and the outflow slows down. Namely, this mechanism Viagra is able to have an immediate impact. With just the inflow and outflow of blood without natural sextupling stimulus, the drug will not have. That is, unless a certain erotic stimulation, you may not even notice that he used viagra. However, all mechanisms can be expressed in raznomu, so I know people who took the drug and the date for some reason did not take place. In particular, it was assigned a production meeting after work, the attendance at which was compulsory. In this case, one person simply could not think of any production work, it simply was overcome by sexual fantasies. That is, the effect was similar to the effect of yohimbine. Or maybe it is a feature of the organism, or any psychological mood, when just present the effect of expectations of drug action. This phenomenon lasted for several hours, and then gradually began to weaken and went down gradually. But since he said he is afraid to take viagra.

So just out of curiosity, to make it more colorful. You should not cheat nature. Should only be used if you already have problems with erection and impossible normal sexual life. It would be nice to consult with a competent person on the possibility of applying this drug. It is important to note the condition of the cardio vascular system are there any problems with the kidneys, liver and other organs.

How should one take the drug?

  • Typically, the onset of the desired effect, the knives can take Viagra for sale about an hour before the planned date. Therefore, it is necessary though approximately to calculate. Usually, correctly adopted the drug raises not only the erection but also improves the duration of sexual intercourse, shorten the periods of "recharge the batteries", i.e. when it is necessary after one sexual act to implement lkdeui.
  • Also under the action of Viagra intensify the sexual sensations, orgasm becomes more intense and long-lasting. Of course, you need to take drug-tested. It has long been known that different drugs are different, although the active ingredient they all one and the same.
  • A lot depends on the manufacturer, the amount of the active substance, the degree of its purification. Very good in this respect, the drug vizarsin, which, though expensive, but always after his admission there is an effect. I would also like skazati that uncontrolled brand Viagra to take not worth it.

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